CKGSB Testimonials

Joel Neoh Eu-Jin
Founder, Fave Asia

When I was at Harvard Business School, 90% of my classmates worked at large companies, so their goal was to get promoted or get a better salary. As compared to HBS, where I was doing mostly case studies, CKGSB is unique in that it’s mostly for entrepreneurs to learn practical and real skillsets that they can apply to their business immediately. It’s experiential.

David Thomas
CEO, Think Global Consulting

Fabulous program. I enjoyed a wonderful journey through 4 cities in 6 days, learning, networking and visiting some of China’s best known companies. CKGSB’s network in China is broad and deep, and I met so many interesting and knowledgeable business leaders from all sectors. I highly recommend the program to western CEOs who need to deepen their knowledge and connections in China.

Irina Gamagina
CEO of First London Property

I have built and developed First London Property through the full spectrum of the real estate market. We, as a company, love the interactions from clients and partners from different cultures and countries through the deals we do. Our offices are located in one of the world’s greatness cities, London. We bring a diverse and experienced guide to real estate investment for our international clients. I hope through this program to increase"

Aleksandrs Isurins
President of FESCO
YPO Member

As part of our strategy, we want to grow our business in China substantially. We are growing 30% year on year for the last three years in China, but this is not enough to achieve our visionary goal of expanding our business in China 10 times. I also believe in the philosophy “In China, for China” and in lifelong learning concept and constant development. Looking forward to sharing my experience in supply chain and Russian business connections with my future fellows and CEOs in China as well as bridging the gap between Russian and Chinese business communities.”

Malcolm Sweeting
Senior Partner, Clifford Chance

We could go and talk to the leading European business schools, we could go and talk to the leading US business schools. But if you want to get a view on globalization through a China lens then it is much more valuable for our senior management to come to Beijing to listen to the views of experts at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business because that gives us the perspective we need to make very important decisions around our business.

Wang Xiaochuan
CEO of tech company Sogou

Having obtained three degrees at Tsinghua University, I thought it was time to go out and find something different. CKGSB leads its competitors no matter whether it’s their MBA, EMBA or Business Scholar programs and has been highly recommended by friends around me. I think it is the best choice one can make.

Charles Guan
CTO and Co-founder of Rich Data Co.

I would wholeheartedly recommend CKGSB’s Global Unicorn Program to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. With exceptional professors, well-designed courses, and a vibrant student community, CKGSB offers invaluable resources for scale-ups looking to accelerate their growth and achieve long-term success.

Sir Tom Hunter
Founder, West Coast Capital

One of CKGSB’s great strengths is that, being independent, it is able to project an objective view of what is happening in China. This makes for well-rounded Executive Education and a well-rounded experience.

Kobayashi Yoshimitsu
Chairman of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings

CKGSB is the first premium business school for cultivating entrepreneurs in China. Thus, we should watch CKGSB's initiatives to understand China's future development.

Gregory Van den Bergh
Founder of Micai

Business school is about the network and CKGSB’s network is very good. The professors are second-to-none. They have a good insight of both East and West and they understand where China is heading.

Daniel Marcos
CEO, Growth Institute

With this trip, I lost my fear of operations in China.

Esther Leong Webb
Founding Director, New Chapters

Enriching & inspiring experience. Easy to see why China is the powerhouse it is to today & slightly scary to think about the future!

Owen Davies
CEO, Enthuse Group

The China CEO program is a must attend program if you are interested in entering the Chinese market. Bo and the team have created the best program for networking and learning about China. Where else could you visit Alibaba and Tencent and understand their strategies. CKGSB is an outstanding school.

Barbara A. Millar
Assistant Dean, MBA for Executive Program
University of Virginia, Darden School of Management

CKGSB continues to get stronger and stronger. From the first year that I was here, I've experienced a tremendously rewarding and successful relationship, because the faculty members are fabulous and the partnership between our two schools continues to grow and strengthen

Lars Munch Johansen

I have spent the last 25 years building and operating international companies based on the strong use of IT. I have a strong believe in the combination of in-the-field experience combined with education, but it‘s all about timing. I want to learn even more about China so China CEO Program could be the right program for me at this point. I seek to gain the knowledge about China to better understand how to build an organization in China and how to work as a global team. I also want to create new relationships to further accelerate our business in China and to advance my personal execution."

Lotus Wei
Industry: International Organizations
Title/Function:Communications Officer
New York University
Wuhan University

Excellent professors of CKGSB can help me to establish and enhance my business knowledge system. My outstanding peers and alumni will bring me different perspectives in a wide range of industries. Both of these are very helpful for me to start my own business. However, the most important reason I join in the MBA program is because of the philosophy of philanthropy of CKGSB, which makes me reconsider the way I used to work in the field of NPO. I believe that I would meet like-minded friends here to work together and give a hand to people in need.

Akintunde Onadele
CEO of MPower, Nigeria
GBDE 2018 Participant

I came into the GBDE program not really knowing what to expect as it had seemed tailored to the American and Chinese audience. I was however encouraged by the pleasantness and quick response of the coordinators. Upon arriving at Yale SOM in New Haven, I was certainly not disappointed by the quality of the teaching faculty, the content and the logistics team working assiduously behind the scene. These carried through to CKGSB sessions in New York. I feel so empowered to take the conclusions and content home at a wonderful timing of my life, having been a traditional marketing man, now transformed to digital. The diversity and enthusiasm of my colleagues further added color and spice to the program for me. I believe Go-Be-Digitally-Enabled is a worthy acronym capturing the essence of the GBDE program!. I sincerely look forward to working with the CKGSB team in the nearest future.

Patrick Quinn
2016 GBDE Participant

The CKGSB Global Branding In The Digital Era program is built around an incredible joint delivery format developed between CKGSB and the Yale School of Management. From day 1 the mission of the program is clearly outlined. Its goal is to empower brand leaders to best understand how the digital era and the internet of things can be used to effectively build brands and foster ongoing consumer engagement. The professors and industry experts who deploy the course will impart a lot of new knowledge. But this knowledge is well balanced by the benefits of doing assignments, receiving individual and team feedback and interacting with other participants in the program. Simply put, this is a top notch program that lays the groundwork for understanding how digital can help firms realize the benefits of technology and maximize the lifetime value of every client.

Charles W. Sullivan
GBDE Program Participant
U.S.A. Representative of Beijing Tong Ren Tang

I found that the well taught lessons learned during this program have been very beneficial in establishing our company brand in America. In fact, the plan to enhance awareness of our brand in America that was created in one of our workshops during this program in 2016 is the plan that we then implemented with great success in 2017. The professors are superb. I have continued to trade ideas on branding strategy with the classmates I met during this program and those relationships have become an important asset in my business. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve the branding strategy of his or her company.

Attended GBDE Program
Maciej BalseWicz
China Start Program Participant
CEO of bValue VC

I think it’s best for young companies to have a first-hand connection with China and its market. [CKGSB’s Assistant Dean] Ji Bo’s lecture was the highlight of the program.

Rory Bates-Williams

I have been humbled by the access, support and opportunities on offer at CKGSB. It has been an extraordinary experience.

Jeremy Solomons

My experience at CKGSB has been truly exceptional. The professors are world class and the school is fully committed to supporting the students in all aspects of MBA life. The course has truly exceeded my expectations and continues to do so. I can think of no better opportunity to learn about business and life in China.

Jack Ma
CKGSB Alumnus

It is a daunting challenge for a business school to bring so many truly A-list business leaders together, but CKGSB has managed to hit another home run.

Gabriela Mendoza Rohde
Head of Business Development, Bravofly Rumbo Group

It has been an enlightening experience and a great opportunity to gather useful insights about the Chinese market. The information will help us a lot to understand better the current opportunities we could have if we decide to enter the Chinese market, the risks and difficulties we could face and how to approach them."

Liu Qing
President, Didi Chuxing

All my classmates are very experienced and successful. There is a strong desire of learning knowledge and self-improvement. We interact with each other. This is a positive learning environment.

Craig Armstrong
Director of New Zealand Trade and Enterprises, New Zealand

The faculty was excellent, the lectures were thought provoking, enlightening - they presented a great global mindset to the lecture and made it very relevant."

Duanzhi She
Vice President, Government & Public Affairs, Nike Greater China

The program is very informative and educational, it is very helpful for us to think and plan ahead. CKGSB’s data collection and research methodology are well-recognized. Also the pool of participants gives a very good representation of the business community here. I would recommend this course to people who are new to China, people who don’t have a clear picture of what’s going on in China, people who are focused on operations of business. Those people from executive level will really benefit from this course.

Bessie Chong
Director of Group Training and Talent Management, Esquel Group, Hong Kong

I’m very impressed with CKGSB’s professors. They are very knowledgeable and practical. They can answer every question in-depth. It shows that they really know what’s going on and they have a lot of contact with the industry participators or government officials so that they can get inside information and share with us. The classmates are very sophisticated. They know what’s going on. They just wanted to enhance the knowledge, to have more inspiration from different angles. I find the networking very good and dynamic.

Courtney Huynh
Cornell Hotel ’12, and member of the 2017 Global Emerging Leaders cohort

Going in thinking family business is one thing and coming out with much wider eyes, goes to show that you can discover a lot in six days. Through every case discussion, interactive exercise, and lecture, there was another perspective of family business or China-America relations unveiled. Besides the friendships, professional networks, and educational content, it's the realization of self-growth that holds the highest value. As I've said to many people already, I truly experienced being in a classroom because I wanted to versus being there because I had to.

Feng Lun
Chairman, Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd

We were friends and entrepreneurs who have admired each other for a long time. But today, everything has simplified into one single mission - and that is studying. I believe that, in order to realize a new business civilization with a global perspective, all of us will work hard. Let’s expect a change and a transcendence in the future.

Tang Kui
CEO, Fountain Vest Capital

I hope to combine the theories of the past with the practices of the present, so we can stand on a higher level to review the development of our industry, state and economy, while advancing ourselves to a higher level.

Shen Guojun
Chairman, China Yintai Investment Limited

Technological innovation has become the theme of current world economic and social development. Revering technical advancement, actively engaging in the transformation and lifelong learning will become a trend.

Zhou Hongyi
CEO, 360

With an international vision, CKGSB integrates both Chinese and Western management experience. It serves as a good platform for learning and offers a stage for Chinese entrepreneurs to exchange experience and make practical innovations.

Nathan Young
GEL Program Participant
Master’s Student at Cornell University, Columbia University 2014

The program offers a unique cross-cultural experience and prepares students to become future global business leaders. Faculty from two world-class schools – Cornell and CKGSB – come together and offer unparalleled expertise and education. There is no other program that has such high-caliber faculty, participants and networking opportunities. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Chen Yidan
Co-Founder & Lifetime Honorary Adviser, Tencent

Through the coming years’ studying, I hope to fully understand the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) as well as to better understand myself and better understand society. I’m looking forward to learning and making progress together with my classmates.

Elizabeth A. Mannix
GEL Program Participant
Associate Dean

Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University

One of the things that makes this program so unique and that excites me the most is that it is geared to such a diverse audience; people from different kinds of family businesses being taught by expert faculty who will tailor the learning to the needs of the participants.

Marc Wolenik
China Start Program Participant
CEO of

The program was an incredible success. I learn more about China than I thought was impossible. I learned about myself, and I learned how to properly position myself and my company for the China market.

Francisco Serra-Martins
China Start Program Participant
CEO of Sonder Design and recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30

We are raising our business in Shenzhen, so it's being a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with other entrepreneurs who are exploring the system.

Aki Soudunsaari
Naturvention, CEO, Finland

Changed my life; business-wise and personally. Now I need to learn Chinese! 100% satisfaction, truly a great program.

Tony Craddock
Emerging Payments Association, Director General, UK

If you want to do business in China, attend China Start first. The CKGSB team have extraordinary access to the most powerful and influential leaders in China. The event was demanding, but packed with learning and commercial opportunities.

Evans Poston
Commissioner of the Revenue, City of Norfolk
(Darden EMBA Student)

CKGSB’s faculty has been awesome. They seem to have real world insight, not just theory but practice and experience, experience of working with international companies and Chinese companies. So I would say the real world application of theory.

Rodney Clemente
Vice President of Energy Recovery Inc.
(Darden EMBA Student)

The honesty of CKGSB professors is truly admirable. They’re not trying to sugar-coat things, they are not trying to paint a picture of imaginary China, they are trying to give us the real deal China. The good, bad and the ugly, the truth. So they are giving us their utmost honest feedback and guidance on how to properly do business here, and that’s, again, priceless. So if you want to do business here, with all the positives that we said about the faculty of getting the truth, you’ve got to immerse yourself directly into this program.

Adreain Henry
Professor of University of Incarnate Word at University of Incarnate Word
and Chief of the Bowden Eyecare & Health Institute
(Participant of CKGSB China Immersion Program)

I was very impressed with how CKGSB selects its pool of students and alumni. They are looking at the CEOs, the top of the companies, whereas in the US, a lot of our B-schools actually look at middle managers, which sometimes could be a little bit challenging to affect change in an organization at that level. But when you recruit the top management, you are able to make things to affect change in a more positive and a faster way.

Silvia Ding
Managing Director of South China, Maersk Hong Kong Limited
CKGSB Alumnus

I was really looking for professors that can take both inside-out and outside-in approaches in teaching and with a global view as well. Here at CKGSB, it has been a positive surprise but it was also part of my expectation. I think that’s the uniqueness because the class is almost real-time. I spent a lot of time on emails after class because I literally had no time as I was quite fascinated by the class. It’s energizing to be able to pull yourself out from very busy day to day work and focus on listening and learning something new. I find the program fit into a large group of audience, both MNCs trying to rethink their strategy in China market and new entrant in the market.

Hila Saring Shavit
Columbia Business School MBA Student
Participant of CKGSB China Immersion Program

I was very impressed with CKGSB’s professors and with how much they believed in the school, how much they believed in the country, what they can do and how willing they were to provide us as much information and access as they could during this week, so all the good intentions, willingness and actual results of the week have been amazingly organized from an educational point of view and a logistical point of view, so I felt like they have been living up to what they were trying to deliver us, so that was really great.

Anna Hazlett

I viewed China CEO as a trusted gateway to building top-tier connections and a nework in china for opportunities in country, as well as Chinese business leaders and the broader business community, looking at entering or stengthening ties in new markets such as the Middle East. Through this program, I expect to develop a deeper understanding of the Chinese market, and lessons/know how, that can be adapted elsewhere. I am seeking new partners in China for distribution, fulfillment and logistics solutions for consumer goods across the country, as well as strategic investors and partners for scale-up ventures in FinTech and Banking."

Rene Felder
Avaloq Outline SA

By joining the China CEO program, I expect to better understand Chinese technologies and business models, especially in the cutting edge social media industry. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to the company visits and interacting with different CEOs in China. For me, I have many years of experience to scale up the business and help companies to digitize their workflows, mainly focus on the monetization of business models and the crypto economy. I would like to share these experiences with my future CEO fellows on the China CEO program.“

Sir Tom Hunter
Founder, West Coast Capital
CKGSB Alumnus

One of CKGSB’s great strengths is that, being independent, it is able to project an objective view of what is happening in China. This makes for well-rounded Executive Education and a well-rounded experience.

Niu Gensheng
Founder, Mengniu Dairy Group
CKGSB Alumnus

Through intense learning and sharing both inside and outside the classroom, CKGSB has transformed me, both personally and professionally.

Eddy Richauvet
CEO & Founder of ShopRunBack
CEO of 4PX Cambodia    
Double Winner of the logistics innovation prizes
Grand prix of the jury at the Paris Retail Week

5 years ago, I first experienced the power of CKGSB’s network and its close relations with the key players in the country.  Since then, we have teamed up with Shenzhen 4PX Express (Alibaba Group) in Europe & Southeast Asia (Cambodia), which it integrates our solution for the management of eCommerce returns globally. 
By participating in China CEO, I would like to continue to develop my knowledge & network; and set up business in China in order to help Chinese merchants to increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales outside of China.
I would like to share with my fellow CEOs my experience of the European and Southeast Asian eCommerce & logistics markets as well as the expectations of European end consumers from China.”

Thierry Tea
CEO of Starline Global Industries
Chairman of PhilJets
CEO of Sandara
CEO of Negocia Group (Invested in Aviation, Real Estate, Tech and Retail & Distribution)

Cambodia / Philippines / Singapore / France

I have been trying to attend Executive Programs since the last 2 years but did not manage to allocate time. I always wanted to work in China, and with China. I started in Hong Kong in 2002 before Shanghai in 2003. Then nothing between 2006 and 2019, until I recently invested in an e-commerce logistics startup that has successfully partnered with Alibaba Group. This year, we had the chance to provide advisory services to Chinese customers in the aviation industry too. Negocia Group, the investment arm of Starline Global Industries is more and more working with with Chinese clients, whether it is in our Aviation, Real Estate, Tech, Retail & Distribution sectors. As fate is bringing me back towards my dreams, it is the perfect program for me to strongly reconnect with China.”

Anabel Fielding
CEO of Alite Global Limited
Former CEO of Quintessentially Events & Weddings
Winner of First Women Award for Tourism & Leisure 2015

I would like to gain an open, authentic first-hand insight into the cultural and operational aspects of doing business well with China and its broad, diverse community. I see this opportunity to support CKGSB as a mutual way to make solid personal and business connections. My experience consists of working on events in China on a project only basis, and of servicing private Chinese clients across Europe. I would like to significantly expand on this experience. I am keen to meet potential ‘good fit’ partners/investors who will help lay strong foundations and successfully develop Alite Global in China. I am happy to share my personal journey and business experiences to help CEOs develop, succeed and thrive."

Morten Johansen

We are expecting to expand business rapidly in China. So China CEO program is the right choice for us to build networks and gain knowledge about China at CEO level, which is the key for our success. Personally, I want to get in-depth knowledge of Chinese knowledge of Chinese culture, business and leadership styles. I only believe our company will be successful if we do it in the Chinese way.”

Fan Min
CKGSB Alumnus

As we study, research and discuss within CKGSB, it also gives us the opportunity to learn and share experiences from classmates who are all brilliant business executives.

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