Ant Micro Loan: The Social Value of Inclusive Finance
Supervising professor: Chen Long; Case Researcher: Yang Yan    [ Language available : Chinese / English ]
Exploring how Ant Micro Loans have created a credit model based on online transactions

Raising capital has always been difficult for small and micro-enterprises in China, but with the development of Internet technology, innovative solutions have been found. E-commerce giant Alibaba Group established two small loan companies in 2010 and 2011 to provide credit to small and micro-enterprises and individual sellers in its ecosystem. In June 2014, Ant Financial Services was established as part of a reorganization and extension of Alibaba's financial business, and the microloan business was renamed “Ant Micro Loan”. This then merged with MYBank, continuing to serve self-employed and small-scale businesses with “online business loans.” This case study explores how Ant Micro Loan developed a credit model based on online transactions. It looks at the options they face in expanding their financing channels and funding sources. Moreover, it considers the social value of digital inclusive financing.

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