China-Dolls Fund: From Caring for Children to Empowering them
Supervising Professor: Zhu Rui; Case Researcher: Cui Huanping [ Language available : Chinese ]

2011 was an important turning point for philanthropic organization China Dolls, focused on rare diseases. The charity resolved its four-year-long registration holdup to finally become a private non-profit. In 2014, after the “Ice Bucket Challenge” initiated by the American ALS Association, China Dolls received RMB 8.14 million in a fortnight, surpassing its 2013 fundraising total of RMB 6.18 million, and winning widespread support. China Dolls used its improved rapid response capability to become the big winner of the “ice bucket challenge” in China. How can China Dolls capitalize on its resource accumulation to translate short-term opportunism into a sustainable future?

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