Everstring: Accurately Select the Next Customer via Big Data
Supervising Professor: Zhang Weining; Case Researcher: Liu Xiaoting [ Language available : Chinese ]

In the past decade, consumer-oriented online services have seen vigorous development in China. At the other end of the market however, the business-oriented (2B) field has seemed rather deserted. According to statistics, the ratio of US venture capital going to business-oriented and consumer-oriented companies is about 40% to 60%; whereas in China, the ratio is 5% to 95%. This situation has been gradually changing in recent years, with business-oriented firms likely to be the next big thing. Founded in 2012, Everstring is an early adopter business-oriented application. Through data mining and big data analysis, the company can not only help business customers accurately screen out potential users, but also help companies find new customers and improve sales efficiency. Taking Everstring as an example, this case looks at business-oriented applications in China and their potential challenges.

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