Focusing on Alibaba IPO: Hubbub and Hidden Worries
Supervising Professor: Huang Chunyan; Case Researcher: Deng Di [ Language available : Chinese ]

Considering Alibaba’s financing background, this case presents the entire financing process of Alibaba from start to IPO, and considers risks of investing in Alibaba, at the business and partnership levels that most concern investors.
In recent years, domestic companies involved in entertainment have been competing to develop business value by deepening their IP. Tencent’s entertainment business has linked literature, games and film at the level of IP. This case hopes to analyze the business logic of the company via an study of entertainment. This paper studies the business model and operations in the era of short video, analyzing how it connects the industry and users with online ticketing, and has built up a complete industrial chain in film from IP development, production, distribution, marketing, ticketing to sales. Beyond film, Tencent has entered events and performances, to form a possibly unbeatable online and offline entertainment content distribution platform.

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