Going Global: Pitfalls and Successes for Chinese Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions
Supervising professor: Ouyang Hui; Case Researcher: Yang Yan    [ Language available : Chinese ]
Assessing the historical context of cross-border mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies, and reasons they succeed or fail

After entering the WTO in 2000, China’s opportunities for cross-border exchange and cooperation have gradually increased, and more and more companies have gone global. In recent years, Chinese firms have begun to face pressures to upgrade and transform their business practices, putting pressure on RMB demand. Cross-border M&A is growing no matter whether you consider the number of transactions or the total funding. The first part of this study sifts through cross-border M&A over the past ten years from a macro perspective. The second part summarizes key factors of cross-border M&A integration success from a micro perspective by way of case studies.

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