Paisenbai: How can a social enterprise set up business models?
Supervising Professor: Liao Jianwen; Case Researcher: Cui Huanping [ Language available : Chinese ]

As the first not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice producer in China, Paisenbai is a social enterprise. Its original aim was to become a profitable social enterprise. 17 years on, Paisenbai has indeed achieved a lot for society while making money: farmers earn more with Paisenbai, which buys fruit at up to three times the average price. The producer has stopped dumping fruit pomace, turning to a recycling process instead. So how exactly does Paisenbai balance corporate profits and social benefits? Paisenbai produces far more juice than it can sell, so how can it expand market demand through business model innovation, increase profitability, and increase its welfare output all at the same time?

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