Robam Electric Appliance: Inheritance and Transformation of A Family Enterprise
Supervising Professor: Li Wei; Case Researcher: Liu Xiaoting [ Language available : Chinese ]

The national Reform and Opening policy caused a knock-on boom in the private sector in China. Private firms have been key to the Chinese economic miracle. However, after 30 years of development, the sector has reached a critical junction: how to pass on the reins of power to the next generation. Inheritance has joined transformation as one of two major tests faced by companies today. This case considers Boss Electric, a private firm in Yuhang county, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Provice, where Ren Jianhua chose a traditional way: putting his son in charge, and successfully completed the change of the new and old management. Carrying out his father's dream of building an established firm, when 30-year-old Ren Fujia took charge, he made a series of changes. What is this family’s experience of family heritage in business? How to solve the relationship between the two leaders? After the second generation takes over, what challenges will be faced while transformation is underway?

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