Shanda Group – Innovation for Survival
Supervising Professor: Xiang Bing; Case Researcher: Jiang Desong [ Language available : Chinese ]

The struggle to leverage China’s huge market potential cannot be underestimated. It has had a huge influence on the best companies in the world. The market has the potential to act as a “hive brain” and generate enormous amounts of equity for investors. Chinese companies have made a success of their engagement in the market in a relatively short period of time. The role of technology in the market has been key to this success. How did Shanda Games discover and grasp its opportunity? In times of trouble, Shanda represented Korean games, demonstrating a tendency among internet companies to play the market for technology. Following the “private business incident” and ensuing legal entanglement, how did founder Chen Tianqiao view the strategic use of the market for technology? What guided Shanda towards using overseas M&A as its route out of chaos?

Understand China from the inside

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