Coffee Chat in YOUR City | Meeting with Student Ambassador

Coffee Chat in YOUR City

Meeting with CKGSB MBA Student Ambassador!

Want to learn about the real life of CKGSB MBA students? Not quite clear about the uniqueness of CKGSB? Faced with some problems when preparing for MBA application? Email us and talk with our current students!

CKGSB MBA Student Ambassadors will be waiting for you RIGHT IN YOUR CITY!

During the winter vacation, CKGSB MBA Student Ambassadors are happy to meet with potential MBA candidates, who are considering to apply for CKGSB Global MBA Program, and share their experience. Our Ambassadors will be available in various cities and during different time periods. Check the chart below to choose the one that suits you best.

* To register, please send an email to with the specific DATE, CITY and the PERSON you would like to meet with.

Application deadline: 23 Jan. 2020 before 3 PM.

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