8th Annual CKGSB MBA Mentorship Ceremony Warmhearted & Memorable

March 22, 2017

The CKGSB MBA program kicked off the 8th annual mentorship ceremony with a special ceremony at CKGSB’s Beijing campus this week.

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CKGSB MBA students and staff worked together to hold another successful mentorship kick-off ceremony this March 23 2017. The annual event launches the highly anticipated MBA mentorship program which pairs current MBA students with influential business leaders in diverse sectors in a formal mentorship.

CKGSB MBA16 student Jasmine Lin, Eric Yang, and their mentor Founder & President of Ruiyinghu Capital TIAN Yubiao

Students select his or her mentor based on the industry they are interested in joining and are formally introduced in a heart-warming ceremony. The mentorship lasts throughout the students’ time in the MBA program and some results in lifelong relationships. MBA15 students Raymond Tan found that his mentor Fan Lu was great at sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur as well as his philosophy of living a happy life.

Founder & CEO of and MBA Mentor Allan Lu & his mentee Melissa Wang, CKGSB MBA16 intake

The mentorship ceremony kicked off with opening remarks by Associate Dean of MBA and FMBA Prof. Li Haitao.

CKGSB MBA Program Associate Dean Li Haitao,  Chairman of ChinaRe Wisdom & CKGSB MBA Mentor Hu Zhibin, and CKGSB CMC Advisor Sophia Xiao

Last year’s mentors are recognized for their outstanding contributions followed by the exchange of ceremonial scarves and gifts. Each mentor shared some thoughts and expectations for students. This year’s ceremony also included a short performance of poetry reading accompanied by Joesph Roy on violin.

CKGSB MBA Students Joesph Roy, Julie Peng, Vivian Dong, Audrey Mu, Melissa Wang and Justin Gu

The ceremony closed with remarks from CKGSB MBA /FMBA Associate Director Martin Zhu. This years’ mentorship roster includes some past mentors as well as new mentors including VP & Country Manager of Caterpillar Chen Qihua, Hyroute Capital Partner Chen Yan, President and CEO of EJ McKay James Li, Founder & CEO of Blackarc-Ogilvy Sasha Liu, Chairman & CEO of China Soft Capital and Managing Director of Yunfeng Capital.

CKGSB MBA Program Associate Director Martin Zhu and Chairman of Beijing Origene Technology & CKGSB MBA Mentor Jason He

CKGSB MBA16 students & 2017 Mentorship Ceremony MC Xiong Junjie and Audrey Mu

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