CKGSB Founding Dean Addresses Columbia China Forum on Next-Generation Unicorns

March 26, 2024 | School News

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CKGSB Founding Dean and Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of China Business and Globalization, Xiang Bing, gave a keynote speech at the Columbia China Forum, Columbia University’s first undergraduate-led, China-focused forum for constructive dialogue between the United States and China, where he addressed over 200 business professionals and students on economic disruption and the next generation of unicorns.

In his speech, Dean Xiang drew comparisons between various leading economies, such as the United States, Mainland China, India, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, EU, Latin America and the Caribbean, and how disruptive their economies have been in the past two decades. He underscored China’s prowess in fostering the second-largest number of unicorn companies globally and producing a significant number of newly-minted billionaires. Dean Xiang emphasized that China’s disruptive economic model, distinct from the US approach, holds global relevance, stating, “Economic disruption is central to economic prosperity and social mobility.” He believes that by tapping into the driving force of innovation and entrepreneurship, countries and businesses can release their potential and build a new competitive edge.

Since 2015, CKGSB has been at the forefront of establishing a global ecosystem for next-generation unicorn and aspiring unicorn companies’ founders through tailored executive programs. Nearly 1,200 founders or co-founders of companies with at least Series A funding have benefited from CKGSB’s programs, with 151 leading unicorn companies, including 41 listed on CB Insights between 2017-2022). CKGSB continues to collaborate with globally-renowned institutions like Columbia, ESCP Business School, UC San Diego, Johns Hopkins, ESMT and Stanford, to serve start-up founders worldwide.

The Columbia China Forum, themed “Ebbing with Changes, Flowing in Tandem” this year, serves as an international platform for discussions on China’s development and U.S.-China relations. Through engaging conversations among political, academic, business and cultural leaders, the forum aims to foster constructive dialogue and generate valuable insights. This year, Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Climate School at Columbia University and renowned American economist and public policy analyst, and Jane Sun, CEO of, also spoke at the Columbia China Forum.

CKGSB is China’s first privately-funded, research-intensive and non-for-profit business school. The school aims to cultivate transformative business leaders with a global vision, sense of social responsibility, innovative mindset, and ability to lead with empathy and compassion. It aims to build a global ecosystem for the next generation of unicorns, with a renewed and enhanced emphasis on global responsibility, social purpose and long-term perspective.

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