CKGSB MBA ’14 Mentorship Program Off to Great Start

February 03, 2015

With senior executives from both leading Chinese companies and multinationals in China providing personalized advice, CKGSB’s MBA students are privileged to have some of the very best in the world of Chinese business as their personal mentors.

No MBA program is complete without practical learning, as well as advice from seasoned business leaders, and CKGSB’s MBA students are fortunate to have some of the very best mentoring them during a crucial stage of their careers. The CKGSB MBA program helps its students to learn from industry professionals by establishing a rigorous mentorship program every year, with the mentor-to-mentee ratio for the MBA ’14 intake at 1 to 1.8, the best ratio in the program’s history.

The mentorship program serves two purposes: to introduce business leaders to the CKGSB platform and to create a sense of continuity between the students and industry experts. This year, the MBA program brings together senior executives from the worlds of investment, finance and e-commerce as well as a range of other traditional industries. Some of the mentors are real estate tycoons, such as Vantone Group Chairman Feng Lun, others are founders of top e-commerce companies like Tencent and Vipshop, while others hold senior roles at the Chinese operations of MNCs including Amazon, Red Bull and Nielsen. Students will spend time with these impressive business leaders and hear their valuable insights in that hope that they, too, can develop into business pioneers like their mentors.

Partial list of mentors for CKGSB MBA ’14 Program

CHEN Qihua, President of Caterpillar China

CHEN Weimin, President of Houlihan Lokey

CHEN Yidan, Core Founder and Advisor Emeritus of Tencent

FENG Lun, Chairman of Vantone Group

HU Jun, Partner at Fangda Partners

James HUANG, Managing Partner of KPCB

Duane KUANG, Founding Managing Partner of Qiming Ventures

James LI, Founder and CEO of E.J. McKay

Stephen MAHER, President of Mondelez China

James SHEN, MD of Qualcomm Ventures

SHEN Ya, Co-Founder and CEO of

Stone SHI, Vice President of Amazon China

Chuan THOR, Managing Director of Highland Capital Partners

WANG Rui, Executive President of Red Bull China

YAN Xuan, President of Nielson China

The program hopes that by partnering seasoned veterans with decades of leadership and business experience with aspiring young professionals, a new generation of leaders can be brought forth, who, together, will be responsible for the future of business prosperity in China and beyond.

Application for entry in September 2015 is now open. Click here for more information or here to apply immediately.

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Understand China from the Inside

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