CKGSB Professor Lights Up CNBC Documentary Series

March 19, 2015

As part of CNBC’s monthly Inside China documentary series, CKGSB Professor Mei Jianping gives his thoughts on oversupply in the real estate area, given past investment in the sector, and discusses the potential issues caused by slowing growth.

From one of the hottest sectors in recent years to accusations of chronic oversupply and entire “ghost cities”, real estate in China has never been far from the headlines as the sector’s rollercoaster ride continues. This month, it has drawn the attention of CNBC’s Inside China documentary series, in which host Eunice Yoon takes an in-depth look at the high and lows of the property market.

Featured in the role of the program’s main analyst, CKGSB Professor of Finance Mei Jianping, an expert on China’s real estate sector, talks about the vicious cycle of how slowing growth has a knock-on effect in many areas of society, and offers his forecast for how long the current market correction may take.

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Understand China from the Inside

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