Dean Xiang: China, South Korea Should Take Lead in Future Global Transformation

February 09, 2017

After CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing delivered the keynote speech at the recent China-Korea CEO Forum in Seoul, the Dong-A Business Review, a renowned premium business magazine, featured Dean Xiang’s speech though an eight-page feature spread, highlighting his insights on the world’s current transformation as well as his observation that China and South Korea should be among those taking the lead in searching for problems and suggesting solutions.

Dong-A Business Review, a premium business magazine published by Dong-A Ilbo, one of Korea’s top daily newspapers, featured a full keynote speech delivered by Dean Xiang Bing at the China-Korea CEO Forum, which has been held jointly by CKGSB, Dong-A Ilbo and Channel A since 2015. In the latest edition of the event, about 200 people gathered at Shilla Hotel Yeong Bin Gwan in Seoul to attend the forum.

Dean Xiang’s keynote speech was on the theme of ‘A Joint Growth Strategy for China and Korea in the Era of Creative Disruption and Innovation’. His speech consisted of a multitude of major transformations that have changed the structure of the world, including changes in China’s development patterns and shared responsibilities for Korea and China with regards to their future economic prospects.


Dean Xiang Bing delivering the keynote speech at the China-Korea CEO Forum

Dean Xiang first discussed in detail about how China and the world are undergoing considerable change. He stressed that this transformation is taking place in global society as a whole, including in the fields of politics, society, science and technology and trade. He added that in this era of destructive transformation, China and South Korea are responsible for developing the world together.

In particular, Dean Xiang explained in detail that the two countries should learn from each other’s strengths. He said that China has achieved rapid economic development through constant creative transformation, while also noting that China may learn from the case of Korea, as Korea is one of 13 countries that have successfully avoided the ‘middle income trap’. Korea has shifted from manufacturing-oriented industries to service-oriented industries, from industrial powerhouses to scientific powerhouses, and achieved development of education and cultivation of human resources in its development process. Although the political systems of Korea and China are very different, Dean Xiang said each country has made good progress in the economy. He also predicted that countries of Confucian culture will make a greater contribution to the world economy and major issues in the future.

Throughout his speech, Dean Xiang highlighted that countries in East Asia should not remain as supporting figures when a remarkable transformation is taking place globally. He emphasized that the region, including China and Korea, should take the lead in bringing up problems and proposing solutions, in order to create new values.

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Among the participants were CKGSB faculty and alumni. They shared the latest insights about China’s ICT and cultural content markets and jointly discussed possible business cooperation between China and Korea.

The event’s panel discussion featured CKGSB Professor Zhang Weining as a moderator; Chen Xiangyu, Founder and CEO of iDreamsky; Zou Lin, Founder and CEO of iShare Culture; Jeon San, Vice President of Pan Entertainment; and Ha Jong-dae, Head of Dong-A Ilbo-Channel A Digital Convergence News Center.

To read the original Korean article in the Dong-A Business Review, please click here.

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