Global Leadership 2020 – Emerging Trends And Next Practice Strategies

April 07, 2018

Join C-Suite leaders, business owners, top HR and talent professionals to gain executive perspectives on emerging trends in global to local business effectiveness, on topics including pending impacts in global trade, finance, banking, client centricity, talent & innovation.

A Special CKGSB Knowledge Series Event in Partnership with the Executive Next Practices Institute

Global Leadership 2020 – Emerging Trends And Next Practice Strategies

Pending Impacts in Global Trade, Finance, Banking, Client Centricity, Talent & Innovation

When: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where: CKGSB New York Office
601 Lexington Ave., Floor 26
New York, NY 10022

Reception Follows: 5:30 p.m., AKA Central Park, 42 W. 58th St., New York, NY 10019

Join C-Suite leaders, business owners, top HR and talent professionals as you gain C-Suite Perspectives on emerging trends in global to local business effectiveness, including:

  • A “360” of the key issues impacting global organizations and leaders – talent, trade, innovation, customer centricity 
  • How to build a global customer & client centric organization – the 8 key behavioral and operational dimensions
  • How to create a culture that supports innovation and continuous improvement
  • How to build common identity, collaboration, and harmony in the cross-cultural workplace
  • 2020 next practices in global talent development and mobility

Speakers will include:

  • Mary Wadsworth Darby, Chief Representative, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Americas
  • Jane Latz, CEO, Corporate Speech Solutions
  • Sean Gallagher, CEO, The Influence Success Company
  • Lee Peters, Regional VP, Vistage Worldwide
  • Hampton Dowling, Managing Partner, the HCB Group LLC
  • Michael Cadden, Managing Director, Living Abroad LLC
  • Cathy Heyne, Managing Director of Marketing & Business Developement, Living Abroad LLC
  • Kathy McAfee, President, Kmc Brand Innovations
  • Mark Laufer, CEO & President of Laufer Group International, Ltd.
  • Tatiana Nikishina, Executive Director at The Global Chamber
  • Ken Goodwin, Managing Principal, Jeanensis Capital Markets


A 50% discount is available for 2016 Knowledge Series Members. Become a member today! 

Contact Julie Zhu at +1-646-627-7729 or for details.

Fee for all others is $145.


The Executive Next Practices Institute is an established organization (over 190 forums since 2008) comprised of C Level and key functional leaders (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO, HR) who meet to review emerging trends and “first look” innovations in business and leadership strategies. Our highly interactive & collaborative sessions are held in a non-solicitation environment to encourage leaders to engage, create and build powerful business relationships.


Disseminating deep ideas for China success

Ideas are the currency of our age. And in an age when China’s global significance is growing, CKGSB Americas’ Knowledge Series is the go-to source for executives from the US and the Americas for a stream of provocative notions that can beneficially affect the way they think about building and expanding a China business.

Held in our state-of-the-art New York learning center in the heart of one of the world’s great financial hubs, our Knowledge Series lectures and discussions are an opportunity to learn from the world’s brightest minds as they focus on the topics and trends that are most pertinent to your specific China business goals.

Among other themes, Knowledge Series events have examined China’s financial turbulence and what it means for investors; business to business buying: how it has changed, and how we need to change with it; solar power’s future in the U.S. and China; new consumption trends in China and their implication for companies in China’s global supplier network; doing business with a changing China; and where China is and where it is headed. 

Regardless of your China interest, Knowledge Series events are your gateway to acquiring critical insight on macro trends, emerging opportunities, collaboration and competition with Chinese companies, cross-cultural competencies and how to best position China within your own organization.

In an era when ideas matter, the CKGSB Americas Knowledge Series is the authoritative generator of China ideas.


Julie Zhu
Program Manager
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
C | K | G | S | B
Tel: +1-646-627-7729

Understand China from the inside

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Understand China from the Inside

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