MBA Welcomes New Associate Dean & Program Director

March 06, 2018

Chinese New Year, also known as spring festival, is a season of change, and the MBA program is pleased to welcome new associate dean Professor Ou-Yang Hui and program director Alan Chen this year.

Chinese New Year, also known as spring festival, is a season of change, and the MBA program is pleased to welcome new associate dean Professor Ou-Yang Hui and program director Alan Chen this year. In addition to his new appointment as the Associated Dean of MBA program, Professor Ou-Yang is also the Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance and the Academic Director of EMBA program at CKGSB. He had previously served as an associate professor at Duke University and an assistant professor at UNC-Chapel Hill. Prof Ou-Yang was voted best teacher by Duke’s Global EMBA Class of 2004. He won the Barclays Global Investors/Michael Brennan Runner-Up Award for the best paper published in the Review of Financial Studies in 2003 as well as the best paper award presented by the Society of Quantitative Analysts in 2005.

Prof. Ou-Yang Hui – CKGSB Associate Dean of MBA, Academic Director of EMBA, & Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance

In addition to experience in top tier academic environments, Prof. Ou-Yang has had a distinguished career in the financial investment industry including roles such as managing director at Lehman Brothers, Nomura Securities, and UBS.  His work focused on alpha-generating trading strategies and quantitative portfolio strategies, as well as on the development of structured products. His team developed various structured products, such as “Hedging and Outperforming Inflations in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand”, “Asset Allocation using Macro Signals” and “Relative Value Commodity Strategies”. In addition, he provided customized solutions for major clients such as central banks, insurance companies, utility companies, airlines, and commercial banks. Prof. Ou-Yang holds a PhD in finance from UC Berkley and a PhD in chemical physics from Tulane University. He received his postdoctoral training in chemical physics from the California Institute of Technology, where he worked under Nobel Laureate Rudy Marcus.

Mr. Alan Chen – CKGSB MBA Program Director

Prior to joining the MBA program, Alan Chen served as the Director of Development with the CKGSB New York office, a role in which he oversees both business development and program design. In this role, he served as the school’s head of business development, where he raised the profile and visibility of CKGSB Americas’ world-class executive education programs. In this role, Alan had the opportunity to interact with Chinese and American business communities, forging a constructive dialogue on current events and the latest theories in business administration through CKGSB’ global platform. Prior to CKGSB, Alan served as the Associate Director of Client Relations at Columbia Business School’s Executive Education program where he administered customized programs for a wide range of corporate, government, and nonprofit clients around the world. At Columbia, Alan served as a liaison to Asia and the Middle East, using his expertise in Chinese business culture to drive growth in the region. Before entering the executive education industry, Alan worked in the financial services industry, where he was recognized for successfully leading community reinvestment programs and annual regulatory internal security audits for compliance with the Office of the Controller of Curricies. Alan holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Southern California, an MS in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, and a Global-EMBA from Columbia Business School, London Business School, and Hong Kong University Business School. He is also a member of the Columbia Alumni Representative Committee, where he helps the Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admission interview and screen applicants. Alan also volunteers his time with the Civil Air Patrol – United States Airforce Auxiliary Emergency Services unit to perform search and rescue operations.

2018 is the MBA program’s 15th year anniversary. It is a special year in which Associate Dean OU-YANG Hui and Program Director Alan Chen joins MBA Academic Director Prof. Brian Viard to lead the MBA program into a new stage of growth. The community wishes to thank FMBA Associate Dean Prof. Li Haitao and Program Director Martin Zhu for their tremendous efforts and services over the past 5 years and give a warm welcome to Prof. Ou-Yang and Alan!


The CKGSB community welcomes new MBA Associate Dean Ou-Yang Hui (R) & Program Director Alan Chen


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