PE and IPO Policy, Regulation and Execution: A Lecture by the Managing Director and Partner of Cowin Capital

November 14, 2017

Join Mr. Weiguo Ma for his expert insights and first-hand knowledge of China’s financial system and capitalization markets. (Event conducted in Chinese.)

It’s our great pleasure to invite Mr. Ma , the Managing Director and Partner of Cowin Capital, to come to CKGSB and deliver a lecture on Thursday, April 11.  This event is being hosted by CKGSB’s PEVC Club, and is open to the general public. Please be aware that the lecture and discussion will be conducted in Chinese.  

Topic: PE and IPO Policy, Regulation and Execution (in Chinese)
Speaker: Mr. Weiguo Ma, Managing Director and Partner, Cowin Capital
Time: Apr.11, 19:00-20:30
Venue: Oriental Plaza, E3, Floor2, Classroom 1

Weiguo has been a managing director and partner of the Cowin Group since 2012.  He has almost 20 years of experience in investment banking.  He has worked for China Merchants Securities (招商证券) and United Securities(联合证券, now known as Huatai United Securities(华泰联合证券), and he was the firm level vice president for Huatai United Securities.  In this position, he was in charge of the entire investment banking business.  He also served as the team leader of the corporate internal verification group for securities underwriting and mergers and acquisitions. United Securities has always been a Top 10 investment bank in China.

During his career in investment banking, he was actively involved in a good number of IPOs, re-financing and mergers and acquisitions deals.  He has strong technical, negotiation and communication skills and has deep understanding of capital markets, regulations and policies.  He has built up a broad range of resources and has good relationships with the industries.

Weiguo has earned a Master’s degree from Renmin University of China (中国人民大学), a major in international finance, an MBA degree from Tsinghua University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Central University of Finance and Economics (中央财经大学) with a major in accounting.  He is also a certified public accountant.

Cowin Capital

Founded on June 26, 2000, Shenzhen Cowin Capital Co., Ltd. (Cowin Capital), with registered capital of RMB 100,000,000, is among the first professional venture capital firms in China. Cowin Capital has focused on investment in venture business as a deputy chairman unit of Venture Capital Committee of the Investment Association of China, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, Shenzhen Private Equity Association and the founding company director unit of Tianjin Private Equity Association. The company provides venture capital to a number of SMEs in Shenzhen and across China. Cowin Capital grows along with the enterprises, by involving in strategic decision-making, helping enterprises carry out standard management, enhancing governance structure, improving profitability and planning IPO. In the decade following establishment, Cowin Capital has set up 7 funds, with a total fund size of 5.5 billion RMB and managed assets of 7.5 billion RMB. It is one of the most active private venture capital enterprises in China.

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Understand China from the Inside

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