Prof Mei Jianping Masters Hot Topics for Media

December 17, 2014

China’s real estate and art markets are two of the most discussed sectors in the country – and CKGSB Professor of Finance Mei Jianping is an expert on both! In recent weeks, Prof Mei has spoken to both the Guardian newspaper and the Wall Street Journal to give his thoughts on the latest trends.

CKGSB’s professors are not only some of the most qualified and well respected teachers in their respective fields, they are also highly sought after by the media for their comments and insight. A perfect example from recent weeks has been Professor of Finance Mei Jianping, who is often asked about both real estate and the art market in China – two of the hottest topics around.

Prof Mei was featured in this extensive profile of Wang Jianlin, chief executive of China’s real estate conglomerate Dalian Wanda, written by Jon Kaiman for the Guardian newspaper. The article discussed how Wang’s ambitions reflect those of China: to expand into the global market and win global recognition. Prof Mei was quoted talking about how Wang’s extensive connections and successful track record can benefit the local economy:

“Numerous local governments are quite attracted to him because of his ability to execute large projects. These can help local economic growth, as well as creating jobs and providing taxes. So as a result, they’re happy to give him land at a discount.”


Professor Mei, who co-founded the Mei-Moses family of fine-art indexes, was also quoted in the Wall Street Journal in an article by reporter Wei Gu about Japanese and Southeast Asian artists’ works enjoying popularity at a recent Christie’s evening sale in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Mei said, the demand for China’s top artists is cooling down:

“China’s art market has some bubbles. As the money supply slows and wealth gap narrows in China, it’s difficult to repeat past performance.”

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Understand China from the Inside

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