Sixth “CKGSB Young Investor’s Forum” Covered by Media

February 15, 2016

China Daily and a host of other domestic media outlets cover the school’s prominent forum for young investors, co-hosted by CKGSB’s pioneering Chuangchuang Community, which seeks to be a growth accelerator for start-up companies.

At the beginning of 2016, the start of China’s 13th five-year plan, China was faced by rather different challenges from the past. The “new normal”, under which slower economic growth has taken the place of high-speed growth, has become a common refrain, while the government’s “Internet Plus” strategy and the entrepreneurship and innovation it spurred have provided a positive counterbalance. Under this new situation, the sixth “CKGSB Young Investor’s Forum” was held recently in Shenzhen in southern China.

As reported in a China Daily article, the sixth year of the “CKGSB Young Investor’s Forum” was its strongest yet given the support it had from the school’s pioneering Chuangchuang Community, which was launched by CKGSB last summer and has become a sponsor and organizer of the forum. The Chuangchuang Community seeks to be a growth accelerator for start-up companies, by integrating the practices and resources of entrepreneurship from the school’s alumni and connecting partners within CKGSB’s open entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Based on a partnership with Tencent’s Open Platform, the Chuangchuang Community’s first entrepreneurship service focused on creating value for companies and entrepreneurs after A-round financing while at this year’s forum, the Chuangchuang Community launched its second initiative, this time in partnership with Baidu, which aims to help entrepreneurs solve the real problems they will encounter as their companies experience growing pains.

The article also quoted CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing as follows:

“This is an era of transformations, but also an era of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Entrepreneurs should not only just create wealth, but also improve society as whole, moving on from the traditional life of seeking riches to one that is more enriched.”


As leaders in industry and academia respectively, Baidu and CKGSB are two important forces when it comes to boosting entrepreneurship and innovation. With the strong supporting power of CKGSB and its Chuangchuang Community, the CKGSB Young Investors’ forum is an excellent platform which enables representatives from leading companies, who all fulfill different roles in the ecosystem, to discuss the current situation and develop the future of the “Chuang Ecosystem”.

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