The Economist Group and CKGSB to Extend Collaboration

January 12, 2018

On May 20th, CKGSB hosted members of The Economist Group in its Beijing campus, including CEO Chris Stibbs. In addition to a school tour and exclusive interview between Mr. Stibbs and CKGSB Knowledge, Founding Dean Xiang Bing and Mr. Stibbs shared their views on global business, continuing education and opportunities for further collaboration.

CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing (left) with The Economist Group CEO Chris Stibbs (right)

CKGSB had a productive and engaging meeting with members of The Economist, including CEO Chris Stibbs. Dean Xiang began with a brief introduction of CKGSB – among the various topics covered, he emphasized CKGSB’s faculty governance, focus on research and constructive innovation, and top-down, long-term approach to education. Many of these focal points resonated with Mr. Stibbs as both institutions discovered areas of similarity in their history, values and strategy.

After giving Mr. Stibbs and his colleagues an introduction of CKGSB, the conversation moved to strategy and collaboration. Several ideas were floated within the group pertaining to events, insights, research and programs, with both sides expressing interest in collaborating on wider ranges. The group finished with an extended and engaging conversation on the importance of humanities in business education – how to continue these studies in an increasingly competitive market, and how a mutual understanding of cultures, philosophies and ethics should be a prerequisite to any study of business.

CKGSB is excited about its existing partnership with The Economist, and looks forward to the compelling prospects for future cooperation.

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Understand China from the Inside

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