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Win in China
Win in China
Win in China
Win in China
Win in China

Win in China serial seminars are unique opportunities to narrow down the gap between difficulties and success in China. It equips you with deep insights about Chinese business models and entry China strategy. It helps you avoid failures, overcome difficulties and succeed in this dreamland.


“Win in China seminars prepare you and brings you success in China”.

Bo JI Chief Representative of CKGSB Europe; Assistant Dean for Global Executive Education, CKGSB

6 China related seminars designed for European executives to learn, network and win in China

  • With over 1.3 billion population and 1 billion cyber citizens, sharing the 1/5 of world GDP, China now is the second largest economy entity in the world. It is definitely a booming market and a blue ocean for European businesses, especially for start-ups and growth companies. Longsighted leaders and entrepreneurs are making China as the key segment in global business strategies.

  • What will each seminar cover?
    • Cross-cultural Management in Chinese Context: How to turn differences into advantages

    • Chinese Consumer Behaviors & Business Opportunities: Differences, Changes, Trends and Implications

    • Digital Strategies in China: Social Media Marketing Strategies
    • E-Commerce in China: Landscape, Ecosystem & Strategies
    • Negotiating with the Chinese: Cultural Roots & Practical Recommendations
    • Business Models and China Entry Strategies
  • The program is designed for CEOs, founders, head of international strategy and senior executives from startups, growth and large companies. You are new to the Chinese market or have years of exploring the Chinese Market. You are seeking guidance on how to shape your China entry strategies to embrace new opportunities in this wonderland.


    Acquiring CKGSB faculty’s in-depth China insights with global perspective

    Leveraging high-profile executive participants and gain influential power through business networking

    Preparing you well to do business with the fast moving China

    Receiving prestigious “China Ready” certificate upon successful completion of all 6 seminars

    Seminar Contents
    • 1 Cross Cultural Management in Chinese Context: How to turn differences into advantages

      “Lead with a cross cultural mindset and turn the differences into advantages”

      Learn the fundamentals of cultural differences between the West and China that shapes an individual’s behavior.  This seminar provides practical insights on how to leverage cultural difference into creating competitive advantages when working with Chinese clients.

    • 2 Chinese Consumer Behavior & Business Opportunities: Differences, Changes, Trend and Implications

      “Advance your Chinese Consumer Knowledge and Drive the Business Adaptation”

      This seminar gives an exclusive holistic overview into Chinese consumers and the business opportunities it brings. You will learn on how Chinese consumer behavior changes, what are the reasons behind such changes, in what ways will these changes impact on businesses in China today and how can you take actions to win in the land of opportunity.

    • 3 Digital Strategy in China: Social Media Marketing Strategies

      “Boost your online-offline growth through social media”

      Learn the best way to set up a corporate social media channel to connect with your Chinese clients.  Which metrics should you track for price changes?  How could you monetise your platforms and make the most profits for your clients?  This seminar helps you to gain an updated knowledge and launch your digital marketing engine with China.

    • 4 E-Commerce in China: Landscape, Ecosystem & Strategies

      “Leverage e-commerce innovations to boom your business”

      Learn the most updated landscape, ecosystem and strategies adapted on e-commerce in China.  This seminar designed as a solution to assess how businesses should evolve to extract the most valuable strategies from digital technologies and e-commerce models when doing businesses with China.

    • 5 Negotiating with the Chinese: Cultural Roots & Practical Recommendations

      “Building a win-win partnership through the art of negotiation”

      Learn to negotiate confidently with the Chinese by understanding their culture roots & elements that shapes their behavior. This seminar provides practice insights into the strategies and tactics that could be used to lead you into a better negotiation position.

    • 6 Business Model and China Entry Strategies

      “Master Your China Vision and Win in the Chinese Market”

      Understanding reasons why western companies fail in China would save your time and resources in a rapidly changing Chinese market.  You will learn the most popular business models adapted in China and the market entry/changing strategies that lead to success.

    • Highlights of the program
      • Acquiring CKGSB faculty’s in-depth China insights with global perspective at your doorsteps
      • Preparing you well to do business with a fast moving China
      • Leveraging influential networking power throughunrivaledCKGSB alumni 
      • Receiving prestigious “China Ready” certificate upon successful completion of all 6 seminars

      For delivery, each seminar is delivered in one day intensively, and all 6 seminars cover 6 months, with one month one seminar. The seminars are offered in multiple cities across Europe. Contact us for the upcoming seminar in your city.

    Basic Program Information
    • Tuition:
      €600/ seminar/person, €3600/6 seminars/person
      Contact us for group and personal package discount
    • Location:
      Multiple European countries
      Contact us for the upcoming seminar in your country
    • Language:
      All materials and lectures will be delivered in English
    Get your WIN IN China now
    CONTACT: Yanruohan Fu,, +44 751 092 9118
    CKGSB Europe, 11-12 St James’s Square London, SW1Y 4LB
    • Bo Ji
      The Assistant Dean of Global Executive Education & Chief Representative for Europe at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)
      Bo Ji is the Founder of China Start, an inspiring TEDx speaker, a Chinaprenuer, and a game changer in the global startup ecosystem.

      Bo is currently the Assistant Dean & Chief Representative for Europe at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), a top business school with more than 10,000 chairman/CEO level alumni in China. Bo had an over-20-year successful corporate career in Global Business Development, Innovation, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, M&A, etc. He served as the senior executive at the headquarters of many fortune 500 companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Pfizer, Wrigley and Mars. After a long corporate life, Bo became a serial entrepreneur and investor. Bo founded the “China Start” to bring global startups and scaleups to China. He created a paradigm shift for global startups to expand to China instead of Silicon Valley.

      Combining his extensive business experiences and in-depth knowledge, Bo has been teaching EMBA/MBA at some of the world’s most prestigious business schools such as INSEAD, Esade, MIT, New York University, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Technology University of Munich (TUM), Tsinghua University, CKGSB, Zhejiang University, Sun Yet-Sen University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Taiwan’s National Chengchi University etc.

      In addition, Bo offers advice to Chairmen and CEOs at large corporations. He also serves as a mentor & advisor to startups and scaleups at incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces around the world such as Plug & Play, China Accelerator, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Techcode, etc.

      Bo is well connected globally and has an extended global political and business network with 30,000+ startup founders, 5000+ investors, and 15,000+ corporate CEOs.
    • The EU–China Business Association (EUCBA)
      The EU–China Business Association (EUCBA) is the EU-wide federation of national non-profit business organisations in the European Union with specialization and particular expertise in exchange of knowledge on investments and trade with China. At current, EUCBA unites 19 members in 19 countries repre­senting more than 20,000 companies – large, medium, and small, in all branches of industry, commerce and the service sector.

      EUCBA promotes direct investment and trade between China and the EU through international exchange of information and joint projects of its members – providing European companies a stronger base for expanding trade cooperation with China.
    • FCCC VCKK Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce Vlaams-Chinese
      The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce is an action platform initiated by the business community for the promotion of economic, trade and scientific relations with the People's Republic of China.
      The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) is a private institution. It promotes economic, commercial and scientific relations between Flanders and the People's Republic of China (PRC).

      The FCCC assists Flemish companies in doing business with China and supports Chinese companies wishing to invest in Flanders.

      The FCCC is a lobby organisation acting with the authorities in Flanders, Belgium and the European Union, as well as with official authorities in the People's Republic of China.
    • Private Client Dinning Club
      Private Client Dining Club is the premier business networking club for international private client professionals.
      The Club, often referred to as PCD, was founded by David Bell as a response to a lack of quality networking opportunities for the private wealth sector. There were many events in London but not enough that brought together a high quality group of people for the purposes of networking in a high quality environment. When bringing people together over dinner there is a different dynamic to the event which guests appreciated.

      Our events provide a platform for professionals to make new contacts in a relaxed and social environment. As a membership club, it provides a number of touch points between guests which is essential for successful business development. It is efficient for our busy members to catch up with many high quality connections in one place. The group has developed over many years to a point where we have a global footprint.
    • Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Chinesa (CCILC)
      The Portuguese-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC) was founded in 1978. It is a non-profit private entity devoted to the development of the economic and commercial relations between Portugal and the People’s Republic of China.

      In its governing bodies are included the most relevant industrial and financial groups in the bilateral context (Haitong Bank, REN/State Grid, Huawei, China Three Gorges, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, TAP – Air Portugal, Fidelidade/Fosun, Millenium BCP, Estoril Sol, Novo Banco, TAP, etc), among almost 300 associated companies. With headquarters in Lisbon, it has a representative office at the north of the country, Guimarães, and a delegation in Macao.

      Founded before the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between Portugal and the People’s Republic of China, CCILC was the first association of companies in Europe promoting business with China through the organization of missions, providing useful information and high technical support services, so that the associated companies could develop their activities in both countries in a more efficient, informed and safe way.
    • Techcode Helsinki
      Techcode SME Services Co., Ltd. (abbr. as Techcode) was established in 2014. We are dedicated to operating incubators and integrating global innovation resources. Since its opening, Techcode has established 31 incubators and accelerators in 25 cities of 7 countries across the globe.

      By March 2018, Techcode has incubated or accelerated 1,363 startups, with a total market value of $ 22 billion. Many of them have been recognized as so-called “unicorns” with market value of more than 1 billion yuan. With excellent services in incubation/acceleration and extensive innovation ecological system, Techcode has developed ICV, AI, IoT, and AR/VR innovative clusters in partnership with local governments and industrial parks. As a leading operator of innovative clusters, Techcode has got recognition from top government officials at home and abroad.
    • EU-China Business Association
    • FCCC VCKK Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce Vlaams-Chinese Kamer Van Koophandel
    • Private Client Dinning Club
    • Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Chinesa (CCILC)
    • Techcode
    CKGSB Europe
    Program Manager:
    Ms. Yanruohan Fu
    Tel: +44 75 1092 9118

      Win in China Brochure / 8.2MB

      Explore our various executive education programs catering to individuals, companies or schools.

      Facilitates US and Chinese executives to increase their effectiveness as a digital marketing leader on a global scale

      A one-week China immersion program, for global scales-up and start-up companies to learn China-specific knowledge, network with potential local partners and pitch for Chinese investment. It provides excellent opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs to capture the inspiring China opportunities.

      This program will help the participants gain insights about blockchain and other key technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in FinTech.

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