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Min-jung Suh

Min-jung Suh, the eldest daughter of Amorepacific’s founder & chairman, has been in the spotlight since she returned to Korea after completing an MBA at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) in China. Min-jung’s decision to enroll in CKGSB is widely viewed as part of Amorepacific’s long-term strategy in solidifying the company’s position in China. A CKGSB MBA offered, among others, valuable opportunities for Min-jung to establish deep relationships with prominent business executives in China. Since returning to Korea after completing her MBA program at CKGSB in China, Min-jung has been the focus of public attention.


Min-jung graduated from Cornell University and started her career as a consultant at Bain & Company. After joining Amorepacific in January 2017, she left the company in June of the same year to enroll in the CKGSB MBA course in China.

Min-jung’s decision to move to China was widely viewed by the industry as part of Amorepacific’s long-term strategy to solidify its position in China, one of the key markets for the company, especially given how guanxi defines the fundamental dynamics of conducting business in China.

Guanxi is a crucial system of belief in Chinese culture. It is a defining cornerstone of personal connections, relationships and social networks. It is almost impossible to successfully run a business in China without considering and understanding this.  

Many Korean entrepreneurs have understood the differences in customs and culture in China, and have chosen to study in China to lay the foundation for smooth business activities in China.

CKGSB is China’s first faculty-governed independent business school with an unparalleled alumni network of over 14,000, more than half of whom are at the CEO or Chairman level. CKGSB alumni also run one in five of China’s leading brands. It has been highly discussed that these networks and relationships with prominent business executives in China will allow Min-jung to seek and grow various opportunities between Korea and China.

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