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CKGSB provides a wide variety of global insights based on a firm foundation of research, with a particular emphasis on China. Our world-class faculty—who have a unique bi-cultural perspective—conducts independent research into many sectors of business and economic life, resulting in original data and views.

CKGSB Research

With 18 specialized research centers and a Case Center, CKGSB is a leader in global research on topics such as innovation, sustainability, globalization, entrepreneurship and emerging markets. CKGSB is the authoritative source of knowledge detailing how newly globalized Chinese companies are transforming business in both developed and emerging markets. Furthermore, CKGSB offers insights and thought leadership on how multinational companies should integrate China and emerging markets business plans into their global strategy, to successfully do business in China and with China.

Our Insights in Numbers

The CKGSB Business Sentiment Index

This ground-breaking quarterly report on China’s industrial sector is billed as the first large-scale, micro-level company survey of its kind.


Video Library
Explore videos on a range of topics about CKGSB programs, expert insights and business stories. The CKGSB Library gives you access to some of the best and most up-to-date business videos available, all from the comfort of your practice or home.
CKGSB Knowledge

Our multimedia CKGSB Knowledge Magazine offers insights on business and the economy in China, policy issues, the globalization of Chinese multinationals and foreign multinationals’ strategy and operations in China. It also features interviews with influential thought leaders and CEOs on trending topics and stories of global significance.

CKGSB’S Academic Information Discovery System offers students quick access to a wide range of resources in print and digital formats. These include Chinese and English-language resources on all management-related topics, as well as data. 

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