China’s Leading Accelerator for the Country’s Hottest Start-ups
China’s Leading Accelerator for the Country’s Hottest Start-ups
China’s Leading Accelerator for the Country’s Hottest Start-ups
China’s Leading Accelerator for the Country’s Hottest Start-ups
China’s Leading Accelerator for the Country’s Hottest Start-ups
About the Program

The CKGSB Chuang Community is an ecosystem for start-ups, initiated by CKGSB and CKGSB alumni in May 2015. Thanks to our faculty, alumni and strong partnerships with business giants around the world, we are committed to building a truly global learning platform and accelerator for start-up founders and innovators.

The CKGSB Chuang Community empowers entrepreneurs in the following ways:

  • Chuang Education
    • Chuang-Tencent Program: 18-month camp in cooperation with Tencent, targeting founders of start-ups after series A fund-raising.
    • Chuang-Baidu Program: 1-year camp in cooperation with Baidu, targeting founders of mature internet enterprises and fast-growing start-ups with valuations of at least 500 million RMB.
    • Chuang-JD Program: 1-year camp in cooperation with JD Finance, targeting founders of Fin-tech related startups and executives of innovative financial institutions.
    • Chuang Combinator: An accelerator for founders of start-ups after series A or Pre-A fundraising.
    • Open courses: We invite innovators, experts, investors and CEOs to share their insights and creative ideas on cutting-edge topics.
    • Chuang Education: Tencent, Baidu and IBM cooperation
      Open courses available for community members
    • Chuang Financing: Top VCs and financial institution collaboration
      Chuang Fund on the way
    • Chuang Branding: Exposures and events opportunities
    • Chuang Hunter: Executive hunting and joint recruiting
  • Chuang Service
    • In cooperation with partners including Tencent, Baidu, IBM, KPMG and Innovation Works, we provide a series of services for entrepreneurs ranging from financing, branding, human resources, taxation and legal affairs.
    • In May 2017, we launched the Chuang Fund to provide investment and financing services for companies within the Chuang Community.


    By the Numbers

    • 15 of the 300+ start-ups in the Chuang Community made the 2016 China Unicorn list published by Ministry of Commerce.
    • In 2017, 16 Chuang students made the 2017 Forbes China 30 Under 30 list.
    • The average age of Chuang students is 38.
    • 1st Tencent class went from total valuation of 28 billion RMB on entry to 100 billion RMB on graduation.
    • 1st Baidu class went from total valuation of 100 billion RMB on entry to 180 billion RMB on graduation.
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Building Digital Ecosystems

Jointly offered by CKGSB and IMD Business School, this program offers a comprehensive understanding of successful digital ecosystems from both China and the USA through the latest case studies and cutting-edge research.

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Luxury Management: Food, Fashion & Furniture

Co-developed by CKGSB and SDA Bocconi School of Management, this program unravels luxury management—particularly in the food, fashion and furniture sectors—and emerging technologies, such as Fintech and AI.

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Co-developed by CKGSB, UC Berkeley College of Engineering, and IE Business School, this program equips participants with proven strategies, cutting-edge research, and the best-in-class advice to fuel innovation, seize emerging tech developments, and catalyse transformation within their organization.

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Frontiers in Social Innovation

In collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), this CKGSB program equips entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and key stakeholders with the tools, insights, and skills necessary to lead a new generation of unicorn companies.

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