A leap from tech masters to mature entrepreneurs

Master of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (METI)

A leap from tech masters to mature entrepreneurs

Master of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (METI)

A leap from tech masters to mature entrepreneurs

Master of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (METI)

About METI

METI=MBA+Master of Engineering+Business Incubation


Customized by CKGSB Professor of Finance Gan Jie and HKUST Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering and Co-Founder of Songshan Lake Xbot Park, Li Zexiang, the METI Program is for entrepreneurs with an engineering background with a business idea. Both professors have rich experiences in incubating high-tech enterprises, like DJI.


  • Who?

    We are looking for people who

    – have a Bachelor’s degree or above

    – has ≥3 years of working experience

    – have a good command of STEM knowledge
    – aspire to produce products backed by technologies
    – possess business acumen and humanistic brilliance

  • What?

    – Duration: 2 years

    – Part-time program with classes on weekends

    – Location: Shenzhen (the hub of innovative Chinese manufacturing industry)

 Science and technology including AI, and VR
 Education
 Tourism
 Culture
 Health
 Agriculture
 etc
Facts and Figures
of the First Intake
    • Industry Composition
    • Education Background
    • Age Distribution
Associate Dean, CKGSB
Professor of Finance
Expert on finance
Professor, Department of ECE, HKUST
Expert on robotics and automation
Professor, School of Design, HKPU
Design supervisor, Songshan Lake Xbot Park
Professor, School of Design, HKPU
Design supervisor, Songshan Lake Xbot Park
PhD in Mathematics Science, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Associate Dean, CKGSB
Professor of Strategic Management, CKGSB
PhD, Columbia Business School
Associate Professor of Marketing, CKGSB
Student Voices
There are too many traps waiting for entrepreneurs and your entrepreneurship will be over if you fall into one. During school days, experts are available anytime and our classmates often share their expertise in all fields. With any technical doubts, you can get some advice. All of these professional assistances are extremely precious resources for entrepreneurs struggling in a complicated commercial environment.
刘凌捷 | LIU Lingjie
Xijia Intelligent System Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
Intelligent Family Security
Student Voices
After I went back to China together with my team, I found that the entity manufacturing and hi-tech are totally two different things and that it’s difficult to find where to use our AI technology in the developing manufacturing sector. Fortunately, this program has saved us from the long uncertain process of seeking industry, enterprises and bosses and helped us directly connect with scenes and R&D technology, so the greatest advantage of our team can be utilized.
赵紫州 | ZHAO Zizhou
Shenzhen AIATOR Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Student Voices
It was difficult for our AR/VR technology to move forward in the educational field with a lot of technology already competing fiercely. In this program, Prof. Gan helped us cooperate with high-end manufacturing, expanding the application scenarios of our technology, better exploiting our technological advantage and realizing new breakthroughs and development.
李成 | LI Cheng
Shanghai Thinking Information and Technology Co., Ltd.
AR/VR Technology & Application
Student Voices
After communicating with teachers and classmates in the new technology field, I began to consider laser technology and its application from a different angle and have already introduced new technology, which, I believe, will bring us the possibility of innovation and breakthroughs. At present, we’ve created a small ecology of intelligent hardware to serve everyone.
蒋丽君 | JIANG Lijun
Shenzhen Ailei Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Laser Equipment
Six Entrepreneurial Supports

METI students will have access to the following financial support and opportunities.

  • A. Scholarship

    RMB 200,000: for eligible students of 2 intakes

  • B. Consulting services on the supply chain
    1. Supply chain consulting service
    2. Precision machining and industrial 4.0 machine shops at Songshan Lake Xbot Park
  • C. Startup capital
    1. Angel Fund: RMB 60 million. Projects at the exploratory stage may apply for it.
    2. VC (Songshan Lake GP, Sequoia & HillhouseLP: RMB 200 million)
    3. China Creative Investor Alliance comprises of 8 institutions, with total assets under management of RMB 57.8 billion
  • D. Overseas modules
    1. Credential modules: UC Berkeley, the third semester (subject to change)
    2. Study tours to hi-tech and innovative enterprises in Silicon Valley
    3. Study tours to global leading enterprises
    4. Visits to top exhibitions
  • E. Roadshow

    Four roadshows in total (one roadshow in each semester for projects that need financing and meet certain conditions)

  • F. potential cooperation opportunities with company partners
    1. Construction: Country Garden, Vanke and CR
    2. “Big Health”: Element Fresh
Admissions officer

Ms. He: 15099907478




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